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Company Profile


Kyle Optics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to researching and development, manufacturing and sales of the high-end lidar ranging and scanning products. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of the high-end lidar system products.

The company takes the returned overseas personnel as the technical leader.The core team is organized by the graduates from Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology and other well-known domestic universities, and it has more than ten years of experience in the optoelectronic technology industry. As a pioneer in the development and exploration of lidar products, Kyle Optics has a number of core invention patents in the field of lidar, and has reached the industry leading level in some key technical indicators such as measurement distance, measurement accuracy, measurement speed and point cloud speed. Through continuous technology accumulation and innovation, Kyle Optics has formed four core technology platforms, which includes hardware circuit, precision optics, core algorithm and product technology, and has the ability to meet the differentiation and customization of lidar products from the customers in different industries.

In the future, the company will adhere to the core values which includes down-to-earth, customer achievement, openness and enterprising, teamwork. We are committed to becoming the world's leading solution provider of lidar system products under the traction of the bright vision of "intelligent connection, infinite vision". We advocate openness, cooperation, win-win, cooperation and innovation with the customers, partners and competitors, expanding industrial value, forming a healthy and healthy lidar ecological environment, helping customers to achieve the value with leading technology and high quality service, and will lead Chinese lidar products to the world.

Enterprise Culture


Corporate Vision: To be the world's leading provider of the high-end laser ranging sensors, lidar system products and the integrated solutions.

Corporate values: low-key, high-profile work, work hard, serve the customers

Corporate goals: Lead at home, first-class in the world

Our Advantages


The first company in China breaks the monopoly of foreign technology on the high-end lidar products; the company with the leading domestic lidar product technology platform; the first company in China develops the automatic debugging and testing platform independently.

The world’s first anti-interference technology of lidar: Effectively solve the problem of anti-interference in lidar application, realize that hundreds or even thousands of lidars work in the same area at the same time without interfering with each other.

The global leading Multi-Echo algorithm Technology: Effectively solve the application scenarios for the lidar products to work in the harsh climates such as rain, snow, haze and dust. The industry benchmark product is 5 echoes, and our standard is 10 echoes.

Performance Optimization Technology of Semiconductor Lasers: The single-wire measurement frequency reaches 300KHz, which enables to get more dense laser point cloud data, improve the anti-interference ability, and shorter the measurement intervals.

Single line measurement frequency = 300KHz VS Industry benchmark Measurement frequency = 20KHz.

Core Technology Platforms


After years of continuous investment and innovation in the field of research and development, four core technology platforms have been formed ,which include high-speed hardware, precision optics, core algorithm and product process. Based on these platforms, the key technologies of the precision ranging and the scanning of high-end lidar are mastered. The company will keep creating the solutions of lidar product for the multi-customer groups, relying on the core technology platforms and core products.

High speed hardware platform: modularity design, open architecture, rich interfaces, convenient for the open architecture, rich interfaces, convenient for the customization and expansion.

Precision optical platform: self-packaging of the optical chips and optical modules, small optical integration technology, high performance, high reliability.

Core algorithm platform: anti-interference algorithm technology, which can solve the problem of simultaneous using of multiple lidars; multi-echo algorithm technology, which can solve the problem of using in the extremely bad weather environment.

Product process platform: optics, circuit, algorithm, mechanical precision machining integration technology, automatic debugging and testing technology.